Sauce Walka Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

Albert Walker Mondane, better known as Sauce Walka, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is gaining more media attention for many of his actions, and here we’ll talk about his net worth of $6 million

Sauce Walka net worth
Sauce Walka Net Worth
NameAlbert Walker Mondane
NicknameSauce Walka, Sauce Father, Drip God, Sauce God, A-Walk
Birthday29 June 1990
Weight168 lbs.
PartnerBambi Doe
SiblingsDillon Clemons
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter
Net Worth $6 million

What is Sauce Walka’s Net Worth?

Sauce Walka is a Texas-born rapper with a net worth of about $6 million. He began his rap career in 2007 and became famous in 2014. He takes credit for using the modern hip-hop slang term “drip,” which he uses heavily throughout his lyrics.

Sauce Walka has been involved in legal issues that have raised his notoriety, but he also collaborated with many notable hip-hop artists. He also makes a good income from his independent record label, The Sauce Factory.

Sauce Walka’s Early Life

Sauce Walka’s legal name is Alberto Walker Mondane, and he was born on 29 June 1990 in Houston, Texas, USA; he turns 32 in 2022.

He has not revealed the names of his parents, but we know his dad was a wrestler, and he and his brother Dillon Clemons were raised by their mom. Word online is that his mother struggled with drug addiction, which led to Alberto and Dillon having a tough childhood.

We know that Alberto Mondane graduated high school and started rapping early. He began his rap career when he was 17, in 2007, but his rap career really took off around 2014.

Sauce Walka’s Personal Life

Sauce Walka is dating OnlyFans star, Bambi Doe. The couple has a daughter, but they have not disclosed their child’s name.

He is often making eccentric, elaborate purchases of anything expensive. Sauce Walka is a great fan of jewelry and anything sparkly and is known for his crazy hairstyles, including multiple and often very elaborate braids.

He supposedly has a superb custom jewelry collection and paid over $600K for a new custom chain in 2021. He also has diamond teeth braces that cost him about $250K.

Besides the jewelry, Sauce Walka has an expensive car collection, including a Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes Benz AMG GT63, Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Mulsanne, etc.

Sauce Walka’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Sauce Walka is 5’7” tall and weighs about 168 lbs. He started getting tattoos early, and most of his body is covered in tattoos.

Career: How Much Does Sauce Walka Make?

Sauce Walka has a net worth of about $6 million, which he earns mainly through his music career. He began rapping in 2007 under the name A-Walk, as a part of the Houston rap group Mostheadgiver

He began releasing mixtapes as Sauce Walka in 2014 when he formed the rap duo Sauce Twinz with fellow rapper Sancho Saucy.

Sauce Walka gained notoriety in 2015 when he got into a diss with Canadian rapper Drake. Sauce accused Drake of appropriating the Houston Hip-hop culture by releasing the diss song Wack 2 Wack.

From then on, Sauce Walka collaborated with hip-hop artists like Chief Keef, Lil’ Keke, Maxo Kream, Slim Thug, Travis Scott, Trinidad James, Kevin Da Killer, Josh Da Rap God, A$Ap Rocky, and others.

In 2014, Sauce Walka founded the independent record label The Sauce Factory, abbreviated to TSF. He often wears a diamond-encrusted TSF pendant on a silver chain around his neck. TSF has signed artists like 5th Ward HP, Peso Peso, Rizzoo Rizzoo, Rodji Diego, and Sancho Saucy.

Here is a list of the most notable mixtapes and albums by Sauce Walka:

  • In Sauce We Trust – 2014
  • Sorry 4 The Sauce – 2015
  • Sorry 4 The Sauce 2 – 2015
  • Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U – 2015
  • Holy Sauce – 2016
  • Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 – 2016
  • The Sauce Father – 2017
  • Drip God – 2018
  • Sauce Ghetto Gospel – 2018
  • New Sauce City – 2019
  • Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 – 2019
  • Lost In The Sauce – 2020
  • Sauce Train – 2021
  • Sauce R&B – 2021
  • God of Texas – 2021
  • Drill Spill – 2021

Sauce Walka was involved in a gun-related incident in 2009 where he pleaded guilty to deadly conduct involving shooting and wounding a person during a concert at Texas Southern University. He served community supervision

There were rumors that Sauce Walka was related to a criminal street gang called Mash Mode, and the same rumors were circulated again in 2018, but Sauce Walka categorically denied the claims. He did not let this slander mar his career, and he continued to work diligently at achieving his dream.

Sauce Walka is very active on social media; his Twitter handle is Drip GOD, where he has 85.6K followers. He also has an active Instagram account with 1.3 million followers. His record label’s YouTube channel, SauceDatTV, has 123K subscribers.

Overall, Sauce Walka primarily makes his money from album sales, tours, and features. He also gets a good income from his record label, The Sauce Factory, and the sales of branded merch.

Final Word: Is Sauce Walka a Millionaire?

Sauce Walka is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of over $6 million. He made money from his music career, as he is a well-known rapper and songwriter. He is also a savvy businessman, and he’s been running his own independent record label, The Sauce Factory, since 2014. He loves to spend his money on bling and luxury.

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