Shane Burcaw Net Worth: How Rich Is The Activist

Shane Burcaw is a writer, blogger and activist. He has a rare condition of Spinal Muscular Dystrophy, and he has been in a wheelchair his whole life, but that didn’t stop him from living a fulfilled life. Read more about him and his net worth of about $1.2 million.

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Shane Burcaw Net Worth
NameShane Burcaw
Birthday28 May 1992
Weight60 lbs
Weight60 lbs
PartnerHannah Aylward
ParentsJohn Burcaw & Susan Varga Burcaw
SiblingsAndrew Burcaw
ProfessionWriter, Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker
Net Worth$1.2 million

What is Shane Burcaw’s Net Worth?

Shane Burcaw has a net worth of about $1.2 Million. He made most of it by writing books and vlogs with humorous content.

Shane Burcaw, most of all, is recognizable for the specific way of explaining the way he lives in his books and vlogs. The names of his books say it all: Laughing at my Nightmare, Not so Different: What You Really Want to Ask About Having a Disability, Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse.

Shane Burcaw’s Early Life

Shane Burcaw was born on 28 May 1992 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His father’s name is John Burcaw, and his mom is Susan Varga Burcaw. Shane has a brother Andrew Burcaw

Shane Burcaw is born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease that almost completely disables him. He has been in an electric wheelchair his whole life.

His parents assisted him with everyday activities, from dressing to eating, as his medical condition is challenging. Nowadays, his wife Hannah is responsible for his care.

Shane Burcaw graduated from Moravian College, where he earned his English degree.

Shane Burcaw’s Personal Life

Shane Burcaw met Hannah Alyward when she reached out to him in 2015. They had been dating for about four years, and they published almost everything about their relationship, trying to teach others not to see the disability but to see the person

They announced that they were married in their backyard in a small ceremony on 4 September 2020. The big wedding with family and friends was postponed because of the pandemic. The couple lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They are planning to have children in the future. Shane Burcaw, together with Hannah, are on a mission to change the way society understands and sees disability.

Shane Burcaw’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

He is 4’7” tall and weighs only 60 lbs. It seems very small, but his disease didn’t let him grow properly. And many times, it is said that it is easy for Hannah to carry him around. 

Career: How Much Does Shane Burcaw Make?

Shane Burcaw didn’t let his condition stop him from fulfilling his life. Shane has a very optimistic, wicked, and humorous way of expressing his condition. Coping with everyday life is the main topic in his books and vlogs.

He published his first book, Laughing at My Nightmare, which describes the life of a young man with disabilities in a very optimistic, cheerful, and fun way. 

Shane and his cousin started Laughing At My Nightmare Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that provides medical equipment to other people with muscular dystrophy disease.

Shane Burcaw is an award-winning author. Has published three books, Laughing at my Nightmare, Not so Different: What you really want to ask about having a disability, Strangers assume my girlfriend is my nurse.

Shane Burcaw is a well-known author for the unique way he writes. He is a public speaker, trying to encourage other people with disabilities to come out of their homes and live their lives.  

He has 471K followers on Instagram and a Twitter profile with 21.3K followers. Shane Burcaw says he is trying to change the world with laughter across all his social media channels.

 Shane and Hannah run a YouTube channel together named Squirmy and Grubs. The channel has 920K subscribers, and they are very active and made most of their wealth through this channel. Their joint account is estimated to be around $5 million.

Final Word: Is Shane Burcaw a Millionaire?

Yes, Shane Burcaw has a personal net worth of about $1.2 million, and he and his wife Hannah have a joint account with an estimated net worth of about $5 million. Shane Burcaw made his money from writing books, public speaking, and mainly by the joint YouTube channel with his wife.

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