Steven Crowder Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Bio, Career & More

So, you think you know Steven Crowder? What do you know about him? How well do you know him? We are pretty sure we know more things about him than you do. Want to find out? 

First, as of 2022, Steve Crowder his total net worth sits at $6 million. he makes money from YouTube, FB (or Meta), Twitter, etc. Currently.

Do you want to know more about Steven? Read on.

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No doubt that fewer YouTube stars are as sophisticated and brilliant as the incredible (and moderately controversial) Steven Blake Crowder. You see, Steven is an American – Canadian political commentator, media personality, and host with strong conservative leanings. Steven is best known for his Louder with Crowder, a day-to-day political podcast, his YouTube channel that hosts a recurring program, Change My Mind, and a former Fox News contributor. 

Best of all, Steven’s media efforts have brought him success. Picture a whopping $6 million net worth level of success. Imagine what it would be like to have that kind of net worth. Want to know more facts about Steve Crowder’s net worth? Let me show you more!

Steve Crowder Net Worth
NameSteve Crowder
Net Worth$6 Million
BirthdayJuly 7, 1987
Height6’1″ (1.88 m)
Spouse/Partner Hilary Crowder
ChildrenMagnus, Charlotte.
ParentsDarrin S. Crowder, Francine Crowder
Siblings:Jordan Crowder
Profession Youtuber, political commentator, media host

Steve Crowder’s Net Worth and Facts You Should Know 

Here is the kicker. Steve Crowder makes money from the media, YouTube, FB (or Meta), Twitter, etc. Currently, his total net worth sits at $6 million.

Particularly, YouTube alone reportedly gives him about $86,000 per month. Did you know he has about 1.5 billion views on YouTube which means he has about 1.1 million views per day on his videos? 

Furthermore, Steven makes an estimated $5,500 on his videos per day, bringing his yearly YouTube earnings to about $2,000,000, yikes! Steven Crowder makes more than a decent amount of money, and signs point to him making more. 

Honestly, you need to know more about Steve Crowder’s career as it impacts his net worth. 

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Steve Crowder Career and Net Worth. 

Get this, since he was a child, the media had called Steven Crowder, and he listened to that call. Steve Crowder began his journey into the media as a voice actor for children’s TV series, Arthur, playing the character of Alan ‘The Brain’ Powers. Soon after, Steven took up stand–up comedy and featured in several films. 

Get this, though, the most notable film role he had was in 2009 with the movie To Save a Life, where he played Doug Moore. In 2009, Steven also began to tap more into his Comedic side as he began to post satirical videos on Pajamas Media (now PJ Media) and Breitbart Big Hollywood. During this year, he also opened up his YouTube channel, but it was largely unknown at the time. 

Big news for Crowder came in 2009 and we’ll tell you all about it. Crowder swooped up by Fox News, and his fame began to grow as one of Fox News’ exciting contributors. However, Fox News terminated their relationship with him in 2013. The reason was most likely due to Steven making certain statements against Fox News and one of their hosts, Sean Hannity. 

As you must have suspected, Steven isn’t one to stay down for long, and in 2017, he headlined his own program Louder with Crowder, where he tapped more into his comedic side. The program is a daily program, and it has a comedic nature. In addition, they also contained commentary on Politics and that way Steven was able to include comedy and politics, two of the things he liked best. 

Now, Steven’s Louder with Crowder aired on the Conservative Review’s streaming service, CRTV. In 2018, CRTB merged with TheBlaze, but this didn’t affect Crowder’s program. 

Likewise, Steven’s YouTube began to grow with a series of content, and one of the most popular ones was the Change my Mind segment, in which Steven Crowder would engage with students. The students were to change his mind on a series of controversial social issues.  

As his career began to rise, so did his popularity and earnings. Also, Steven Crowder has made money off his YouTube views, which put his net worth currently at $6 million. His net worth is pretty impressive, and it looks as if it would even improve. Let’s dive into Steve Crowder’s personal life.

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Personal Life 

What do you know about Steve’s personal life? 

Steven Crowder was born on July 7, 1987. He spent most of his childhood in Canada, living at Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada.

At age 13, he worked as a voice actor for the character Alan “The Brain” Powers on the children’s television series Arthur. Later at age 17, he joined a local comedy club to become a stand-up comedian.

Steven studied at Centennial Regional High School in Canada and creative arts at Champlain College in Vermont, United States.

He is known for having dual citizenship and speaks English and French.

He got married in August 2012 to Hilary, and as a big believer in abstinence, Crowder wrote extensively on what he gained from abstaining from sex before his marriage. 

Sadly, he is currently facing some health challenges. Here’s the thing, he was diagnosed with a sunken chest that required surgery in July 2021. Doctors inserted titanium bars into his chest, which caused fluid to build up in his lungs resulting in a painful experience. 

However, it is not all bad in the Crowder household. Some good news came in between as Hilary, Steven Crowder’s wife, gave birth to twins, a boy, and a girl. Crowder is now a father to lovely twins.

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Steven Crowder’s Controversial Moments 

Controversial. Okay, we could guess one or two things you are thinking about. What are Crowder’s controversial moments and what did he do? 

You must know that controversies are not so far off from media personalities especially one as vocal as Steven. Honestly, Steven Crowder had a fair share of controversial moments. Did you know particular controversy has bitten into his earnings? 

Don’t worry; we will get to that soon, so don’t change tabs, scroll on. 

You see, in December 2012, Crowder had a notable, controversial moment when he and Union Activists got into a fight in Michigan. The fight occurred when Union Activists protested and tried to destroy the Americans for Prosperity tent. At some point, Crowder was hit several times and hurt from the altercation. 

Now, Crowder wanted to press charges, and so he posted an edited version of the video, which skipped the part where the person who allegedly attacked him was pushed until he fell. After the alleged attacker got up from the ground, he launched his fury at Crowder. Several news outlets got the unedited version that showed Crowder placing his hand on the man’s shoulder shortly before he fell. 

Okay, so the initial feeling was that Crowder pushed the man and edited that bit out, but it turns out Crowder did attack the man, but someone else shoved the man. Crowder took a beating for what he most likely knew nothing about, poor Crowder. 

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Steven Crowder’s YouTube Controversial Moment. 

So, here comes the big reveal, the big wham! The controversial moment that cost Crowder money was when he got into some problems with YouTube in 2019. The problem resulted from several of Crowder’s videos being racist and homophobic slurs against Carlos Maza. 

Additionally, Crowder’s fans doxxed Maza and insulted him with some pretty choice words, even worse than the ones Crowder used. YouTube initially supported Crowder. YouTube claimed the video didn’t show Crowder encouraging his fans to doxx Maza, and although Crowder’s words were hurtful, they don’t violate YouTube policies.

However, a massive outrage on Twitter made YouTube change its mind and demonetize Steven Crowder’s videos on YouTube in 2019. The demonetization was costly for Crowder as he lost about $80,000 each month his YouTube channel was demonetized for and it was demonetized for a long while. 

The YouTube channel only got remonetized in August 2020. Mr. Crowder sure lost some massive zeroes. 

So, you would think Crowder would be more careful, try to preserve his money but nope, he didn’t shrink himself and spoke what he believed. As you would expect, this ran him into more trouble with YouTube as they didn’t take Kindly to him questioning the validity and legitimacy of the U.S elections. 

YouTube demonetized its YouTube channel, and we haven’t heard anything about YouTube monetizing the channel. 

Final Word 

Now, you should know that Steve Crowder’s total net worth sits at $6 million. As of 2022, Steven makes money from the media, YouTube, FB (or Meta), Twitter, etc. 

Check this out, with his 5.56 million subscribers on YouTube, Louder with Crowder, and other investments. He has a cumulative net worth of $6 million. So, here is the breakdown of what he makes

  • $2,000,000 per year
  • $5,500 per day
  • $86,000 per month

You should know that all these earnings are across all platforms. 

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