Thomas Hearns Net Worth: How Rich Is The Boxer

Thomas Hearns is a former professional boxer who had won world titles in five different weight divisions. We’ll cover his life and career and talk more about his net worth of $450 K

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Thomas Hearns Net Worth
NameThomas Hearns
NicknameMotor City Cobra or The Hitman 
Birthday18 October 1958
Weight176 lbs.
PartnerRenee Hearns
KidsRonald Hearns
ParentsLois Hearns, Johan Hearns
SiblingsEight siblings
Net Worth $450 K

What is Thomas Hearns’s Net Worth?

Thomas Hearns has a net worth of about $450 K. He is a former professional boxer and is now a boxing coach. Thomas Hearn is the first boxer in history who has won six world champion titles in five different weight classes during his professional career. 

He also won the IBO title at Cruiserweight and has earned a place in the Boxing Hall of Fame. During the ups and downs in his life has made a lot, but for now, Thomas Hearns’s net worth is 450 K.

Thomas Hearns’s Early Life

Thomas Hearns was born on 18 October 1958 in Grand Junction, Tennessee. His father was Johan Hearns and his mother, Lois Hearns, had three children in their marriage. 

Thomas was the youngest of them, but their parents split up. His mother remarried and had six other children in her second marriage. 

Thomas and his family lived in Grand Junction till he was five years old, and after that, the family moved to Detroit, Michigan. Thomas Hearns started boxing in Detroit first as an amateur and won a few titles before going pro. 

Thomas Hearns lives in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, with his family. His mother, Lois Hearns, is a fight promoter, and they have a company Hearns Entertainment

Thomas Hearns’s Personal Life

Thomas Hearns’s personal has been a topic for a while because of his fights in different places. There are rumors about flings all around, but for sure is his marriage with Renee Hearns, and there were also divorce rumors. The couple has a son, Ronald Hearns who is also a boxer.

Thomas Hearns’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Thomas Hearns is 6’1” tall and currently weighs 176 lbs. He has a specific body type, tall, slender build, with oversized arms and shoulders, which allowed him to fight in all different divisions.  

Career: How Much Does Thomas Hearns Make?

Thomas Hearns’s professional career was raised to the stars when he learned the proper technique from his coach Emanuel Steward. Since his schooling by his coach starting in 1977, Thomas changed from a light-hitting amateur boxer to one of the most devastating punchers in boxing history

Thomas Hearns’s specific type of body allowed him to start from Welterweight, Light middleweight, Middleweight, Super Middleweight, Light heavyweight, and Cruiserweight.

Throughout his professional boxing career, Thomas Hearns has 67 fights and has 61 wins, from which 48 by knockout and 13 by decision, and five losses, 4 by knockout and 1 by decision, and one draw. BoxerList has the info about his fights, wins, and losses if you want to learn more about his fights.

Thomas Hearns’s debut was in 1977, defeating Jerome Hill. Other notable fights were against Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvelous Martin Hagler, and he retired after the match against Shannon Landberg in 2006

His extraordinary achievements were recognized by the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012, and he also has the IBO title at Cruiserweight.

If you like to see some of his fights, visit his YouTube channel, where he’s shared many of his numerous fights. And for now, he is active on social media like Instagram with 70K followers and has a Twitter profile and Facebook, which are less active.  

He has made over $40 million through his prosperous career, but the IRS has pursued him to pay back about $1 million and mortgage expenses. At the peak of his career, Thomas Hearns was very generous with his extended family; as a result of this, Thomas Hearns’s fortune has reduced a lot.

Besides the problems with taxes, he hates violence, injustice, and criminals, so he serves as the Reserve Police Officer for the Detroit Police.

Final Word: Is Thomas Hearns a Millionaire?

Thomas Hearns is not a millionaire at the moment, and his current net worth is $450 K. However, he had earned over $40 million throughout his long boxing career. He is a six times world champion and the first boxer in history who has won titles in five different divisions. Thomas Hearns now is a boxing coach living in Detroit. 

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