Dillon Danis Net Worth: How Rich Is The American MMA Fighter

Dillon Danis, famous for his strong, growing career in mixed martial arts, is a professional American MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. Since the launch of his career in 2016, Dillon has gained much recognition as a fighter and is now one of the fastest-rising mixed martial artists in America.

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Dillon’s net worth, as of now, is estimated to be $3 million. The table below gives you a basic introduction to everything you need to know about Dillon Danis before you learn more details about his early life, personal life, career and net worth.

NameDillon Danis
NameDillon Danis
Birthday22nd of August, 1993
PartnerSavannah Montano
ParentsNikki Danis
SiblingsCarol and Brandon Danis
Profession(s)Professional MMA fighter
Net Worth$3 million

What is Dillon Danis Net Worth?

Dillon Danis’s Net Worth is estimated to be $3 million. His net worth has increased steadily over the years, from $500,000 in 2018 to $1.8 million in 2020, finally peaking at $3 million today.

His net worth was estimated to be $2.5 million in early 2021, meaning that Dillon Danis’s net worth increased by $500,000 in the last year alone.

Early Life

Dillon Danis was born on the 22nd of August 1993 in New Jersey, United States of America. Details about his father have not been made known to the general public, but his mother, Nikki Danis, is known to have raised him as a child. Dillon is also known to have two other siblings; Carol and Brandon Danis.

For his high school education, Dillon attended Parsippany Hills High School in New Jersey. He never furthered his education to college level after graduating from high school and had already begun polishing his combat skills from the age of 15 as a street fighter. Immediately after graduation, Dillon began training in the Jiu-Jitsu belt system of fighting at Jamie Cruz’s Academy in New Jersey.

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Personal Life

Dillon Danis is currently 29 years of age and will be 30 by August 2022. His height measures 5 feet and 11 inches (1.81m) tall, and he has an average weight of 77kg (169.4 lbs).

He has several tattoos on his body, black hair, and dark brown eye color. He identifies as a Christian in religion and has listed listening to music and working out as his hobbies.

Dillon Danis has been in a quiet, low-key relationship with Savannah Montano, his girlfriend, since 2019. Savannah Montano is a popular American social media personality (Instagram and YouTube) as well as a model and entrepreneur. The two were confirmed to be dating in June 2020 and do not yet have any children together.

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Dillon Danis began building his career as an MMA fighter during his days of training in Jiu-Jitsu at Jamie Cruz’s Academy. He doubled his training at Jamie Cruz’s Academy with training at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy in New York.

He eventually earned his first black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the 13th of April, 2015, after gaining wins in various tournaments the year before. At the age of 19, Dillon moved to New York completely to further his training at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy, to be a professional Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

His professional career fully kicked off in 2016 after he received an invitation from renowned MMA fighter Conor McGregor. The invitation was to help as a coach and grappling partner in Conor’s training for an impending match in the UFC.

Dillon grew to become one of the best fighters in McGregor’s camp, and he gained a lot of fame among the fighters and also on social media. He also won several contests during his time there. His new personality in the McGregor camp eventually led coach Marcelo Garcia to sever his ties with Dillon, as the coach was not accommodative of his new “bad boy” dynamic.

Dillon has since gained even more recognition as an MMA fighter, signing a contract with Bellator MMA promotions. He made his professional debut with the fight against Kylie Walker in Bellator 198 on the 18th of April, 2018 and won by submission from his opponent in the first round. He also won a fight against Max Humphrey by submission at Bellator 222 on the 14th of June, 2019.

Dillon has competed in several other competitions, some of which include the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Pan American No-Gi competition, IBJJF New York Spring Open competition and IBJJF Boca Raton Open competition.

Dillon has also had interactions with prominent personalities in the professional fighting space, such as Jake Paul, whom he had called out for a fight, but Dillon was unable to go through with it due to a knee injury.

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How much does Dillon Danis earn?

Dillon Danis is estimated to make over $400,000 in yearly income. His earnings as a professional fighter is estimated to be more than $30,000 per fight. Danis still works as a professional athlete for Bellator today.

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Is Dillon Danis a millionaire?

Dillon Danis is a millionaire. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as a professional MMA fighter for Bellator MMA promotions. The trend of his net worth increases steadily with each passing year, peaking at $3 million in 2022.

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