Woah Vicky Net Worth: How Much Is She Worth

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Woah Vicky’s real name is Victoria Waldrip, and she is a social media sensation and an American Rapper. Woah Vicky rose to fame using the internet and has a large audience from all over the world, translating to an impressive net worth of $3 Million.

NameWoah Vicky
Real Name Victoria Waldrip
Net Worth$3 million
BirthdayMarch 7, 2000
Height5′ 4″ (1.63 M)
ParentsSteve Waldrip and Carla Johnson
School/CollegeMarietta High, Pen Foster High
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Rapper 

What is Woah Vicky Net Worth?

You see, Woah Vicky is such a hard worker and a creative person. She consistently puts out interesting content that the internet can’t get enough of and through this, she got a million dollars rich.

So, with an earning of more than $200,000 per year and with smart investments, Woah Vicky net worth is $3 million.

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Woah Vicky’s Early Life

Check this out, Woah Vicky’s birth name is Victoria Rose Waldrip. On March 7 , 2000, she was born in Atlanta in the United States. The internet star has lived in various places like Georgia, Hiram, etc.

Also, Vicky attended Marrietta high. But she did not finish her school years there. Vicky’s parents had her homeschooled before she completed high school at Penn Foster high. She had her diploma via Penn Foster too.

You should know that the young star comes from the middle-class home of Steve Waldrip and Carla Waldrip. Her father, Steve Waldrip, is into real estate. Her mother is a private person with minimal buzz around her on social media. Her sister Catherine, about 30 years old, is a fashion designer.

Catherine graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Catherine owns her design label known as Waldrip NYC. She married Blake London in 2016, and they both have a cute baby girl.

So, get this, the two sisters are not that close as there is a 10 years age gap between them. Well, that is sad.

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Woah Vicky Personal Life

Recently, Woah Vicky is taking on a religious outlook as she put more religious posts on her Instagram. Also, she even posted a YouTube video showing herself and her mom going for baptism.

As for her lifestyle, she is a vegetarian. She commented on a recent Instagram post that her vegetarian lifestyle(and her lack of cooking skills) is most likely causing her to lose weight.

Career: How Much Does She Earn.

You bet that Victoria did not just become a star in a day! She started by growing her Instagram account. She would post pictures of herself in chic and expensive outfits.

She would also post vlogs, make prank videos, join the trending challenge and even twerk videos. Her content is always refreshing, and most of the time, it is relatable.

Also, major Vicky career highlights, Snoop Dogg and Chef Keef, recognize her. She has also signed quite a couple of sponsorship deals and ambassador contracts which keeps her flourishing.

That is not all….!

Did you know that Vicky also raps? Her first rap that went viral was in 2017. It was a diss sing against RiceGum. At that time, her followership on Instagram was just about two million, and her YouTube subscribers were just about 600 plus.

Unfortunately for Vicky, YouTube banned the diss track, but Vicky wasn’t done just yet. Vicky put out her subsequent track, a single that she released in 2018 on the Soundtrack and as you would expect, it blew up. Boom!

Of course! It is not hard to believe that she does not have any awards. She is a young lady thriving regardless of the absence of any award. She is doing great already. Want to know more about Vicky?

The internet star was first noticed in 2017 when she claimed that she is African. Many people questioned this but let it rest only after she said she discovered it from an ancestry test. Like every hot topic, the audience soon forgot about it. For Vicky, that was just the beginning. Vicky tasted fame and wasn’t about to let go. 

Then, she created content and was good at it. She was also consistent in putting out her craft. Her consistency helped in building her fame. She consistently posted pictures and videos of herself, her lifestyle, and so on.

So, gradually she built her Instagram followership, and now she has 3.7 million followers with another million-plus subscribers on Youtube.

Vicky also has a story where she sells here own skin care brand at Woah Skin.

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Woah Vicky’s Controversial Moments.

Her life is quite interesting. Apart from her claiming to be black and ‘coming from the hood’, which was many criticized. The police have also arrested Vicky for trespass and assault.  

However, she was bailed, and the police dropped charges. Another exciting controversial story that brought attention to the famous media personality is the big fight between Vicky and Bhad Babie.

Vicky and Danielle had been at each other’s throats for a while with just their rap words as weapons.

Until Bam! They got physical in October 2019

Both rivals found themselves at the same record studio at the same time where they both wanted to record their song. One thing led to another, and they cast rap words aside and used their hands to lunge at each other’s throats.

The video of Vicky pinning Danielle down went viral and trended for days online.

The origin of the ‘beef‘ was because of Danielle’s reaction towards Vicky’s diss track against a fellow rapper, Rice gum. Subsequently, they still had another physical confrontation in April 2018 in Los Angeles.

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Is Woah Vicky A Millionaire?

Well, is she? Simply yes.

Currently, her net worth totals about $3 million, gathered from sponsored posts on her page and advertisements on Youtube. She also sells stuff that is popular amongst her fans.

Final Word

Woah Vicky is a young lady who has harnessed the internet to make a name and quite a lot of money for herself. With a net worth of 3 million dollars, she is be doing something right.

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