Pedro Rivera Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Pedro Rivera Cervantes is a popular recording artist, composer, actor, and producer from Mexico.  His net worth is $125 million. Let us add quickly that Pedro Rivera is known as an ‘artist manufacturer.’ 

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Name Pedro Rivera
Full NamePedro Cervantes Rivera
Net Worth$125 Million
BirthdayFebruary 23, 1943
Age79 years old as of 2022
Profession Businessman, Singer, Actor, and Producer
PartnerJuana Ahumada ( m.2019-present)
ChildrenJenni Rivera, Lupillo, Gustavo, Pedro Jr, Rosie, Juan

Pedro Rivera Net Worth

How much is Pedro Rivera’s net worth?  $125 million.

Pedro Rivera has established himself as a successful individual in the music and entertainment industry. In any case, most of his earnings come from his singing career, acting, producing, and record label.

Pedro’s family members, especially his children, drip affluence.

  • Jenni Rivera’s net worth is $18.5 million
  • Juan Rivera’s net worth is $17.5m.
  • Pete Rivera’s net worth is $16.5m.
  • Lupillo Rivera’s net worth is $15m.
  • Rosie Rivera’s net worth is $6m.

Pedro Rivera Early Life

Pedro Rivera is a native of Jalisco, Mexico. He was born on February 23, 1943. So it means that Rivera is now 78 years old.

As stated earlier, Rivera is an actor, singer, composer, and producer. He is also an excellent scriptwriter. But the fact is that his journey to stardom was a challenging one. Simply put,  it was not a bed of roses.

Rivera struggled extra hard to support himself at the inception of his career. He took up low-paying, menial jobs such as farming and salesman. Rivera also delved into photography before he finally earned a place in the entertainment industry. 

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Pedro Rivera Personal Life

Pedro puts his members of the family ahead of every other individual. He takes his wife, mother, children, and the rest of his family seriously. So, in any case, he has a strong sense of kinship based on the Mexican traditions and his unique approach to relationships and love.

Pedro Rivera got married to Rosa Saavedra in 1966. He moved to the United States in the 1996, searching for greener pastures. That way, he would provide a better future for his household.  So Pedro and Rosa had five children; Gustavo, Pedro Jr, Jenni, Lupillo & Rosie. 

He engaged in extramarital affairs with Erika Alonso, and they had Juan in 2002. Later on, Pedro and Rosa decided to break off their relationship in 2008 after spending good 42 years together. Rosa said that deception and cheating caused it.

An unfortunate incident occurred four years after the separation. One of their daughters, Jenni, was declared missing in 2012. On December 9, 2021, Pedro found out that his daughter had died in a plane crash.

Jenni Rivera had followed in her father’s steps. She was a famous American actress, singer, producer, and philanthropist. But unfortunately, Jenni has passed on, but her legacies live forever.

In 2019, Pedro Cervantes re-married and got hitched with Juanita Ahumad.  They tied the knot in California. Only a few people graced the wedding ceremony since he did not want to reveal his new marriage to the public.

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His Relationship Controversy

Pedro’s efforts to protect his remarriage from the public eye proved abortive. It sparked controversy. Many people frown upon the considerable age gap between Juana and Pedro. But their relationships validate the famous saying that age is just a number. Even though Pedro is 38 years older than Juana, they live a blissful marriage. 

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Career: How Much Does Pedro Rivera Earn.

Did you know Pedro’s career is a remarkable one? Pedro’s years of hard work finally paid off when he earned a formidable place in the Latin Music industry. He became a superstar in no time because he had a knack for Latin Mexican music.

He became a much sought-after singer when he released his original cover song (El Patriarca Del Corrido). Since Pedro always wants to become better, he doesn’t stop at that. He struggled to raise a significant amount of money in his first production (Estrella) in 1984.

Pedro kicked off his acting career in 1984. He debuted as a still photographer in the movie “Asalto in Tijuana.” In the following years, Pedro engaged in other filming projects such as ‘La tumba del mojado’,  ‘Camino al inferno’ and ‘Verdugo de Traidores.’

In 1988, Pedro decided to delve into a record label business. So he established his record business, “Cintas Acuario.” This business is what earned him the appellation ‘artist manufacturer.’  The reason is simple.

Pedro looked out for numerous musical artists who became celebrated individuals in the end. They include Loz razos, Rogello Martinez, Chalino, and many others. Pedro is also a famous scriptwriter and they earned numerous plaudits through various movies as if it isn’t enough. They include “Sheltering Sky” and many others.

Pedro is also a popular television personality. He has appeared in numerous television programs such as “El Fiscal de Hierro.” Overall, Pedro is an all-around individual, and he excels at everything that he sets to do. He epitomizes hard work, grit, and persistence.

The good news is that Pedro earns a lot from his keep. His net worth comes majorly from the music industry. Pedro earns $8,000 per week and $32,000 per month. Do you imagine how his yearly income would be?

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What does Pedro Rivera call himself?

Pedro Rivera doesn’t have a nickname. Instead, he calls himself by his first name “Pedro.”

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Final Word: Is Pedro Rivera a Millionaire

So the big question: is Pedro a millionaire? Of course, he is. Plus, he’s worth $125 million as of 2021. He made this fortune via his multiple jobs as a scriptwriter, record producer, singer, actor, and entrepreneur, and television personality. Pedro has had controversial moments as we have highlighted above but thankfully, they don’t truly affect his earnings.

Pedro is very active on Instagram as he has more thn 369k active followers and 9784 posts. His Instagram handle is @pedroriveramusaic. He was able to achieve the feat through hard work, grit, and consistency. The best part is that despite the advancement in age, he is still waxing strong. 

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