Albert Preciado Net Worth: How Rich Is The Mortgage Guy?

You may have heard of The Mortgage Guys. Here we’ll talk at length about Albert Preciado, the man behind The Mortgage Guys, Ambiance Realty, and Driven Enterprises. Learn more about Albert’s life and his $15 million net worth.

Albert Preciado
NameAlbert Preciado
NameAlbert Preciado
NicknameThe Mortgage Guy
Birthday29 March 1983
PartnerSilvia Preciado
KidsItalia and Berlin Preciado
ParentsMr. & Mrs. Preciado
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Real Estate Investor
Net Worth $15 million

So, How Big Is Albert Preciado’s Net Worth?

Albert Preciado has an estimated net worth of about $15 million. He has earned a lot of his wealth from his mortgage company named The Mortgage Guys. He owns Ambiance Realty and Driven Enterprises, but Albert is also a real estate investor.

Albert is a public speaker, a radio host, and an investor. He has had a humble start in life but has built his own success story, achieving his American Dream.

He bought a 4-unit apartment, rented the three units and lived in one, and owned it for four years. The rent from the tenants paid the mortgage, and he sold the property triple what he paid for it, investing the profits in several more 4-unit buildings, creating a steady, recession-proof investment.

Albert realized the potential in real estate by watching his parents struggle with buying a house when he was a child. The uncertainty his parents faced when being turned down for a mortgage has inspired him to become a licensed Broker and Mortgage Originator

Albert Preciado’s Early Life

Albert Preciado was born on 29 March 1983 in Los Angeles, California, to Mexican parents. He’s kept his parents’ names private and has disclosed very little about his formative years.

As a kid, he dreamed of living in a big house with a big yard and a dog. But his parents could not get a mortgage and buy a house, and his childhood dream never happened.

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Albert Preciado’s Personal Life

From the little info he’s shared on social media, we’ve learned that Albert Preciado is married to his wife, Silvia. He and his wife are the proud parents of daughters Italia and Berlin.

Albert Preciado has realized his dream: he now lives in the big house he’s coveted for years with his family in Beverly Hills.

Career: How Much Does Albert Preciado Earn?

Albert Preciado earns most of his income from his companies. He is the founder and CEO of The Mortgage Guys, Ambiance Realty, and Driven Enterprises.

He has earned a license as a Broker and Mortgage Originator and has worked as a realtor. The 2008 real estate crisis changed many things for Albert, and soon after, his first significant investment was in 2013, when he truly started building his empire.

He is also the founder of Driven Academy, a subscription virtual mentorship program where Albert Preciado is one of the mentors. This academy organizes teaching and mentorship events, and Albert Preciado, his wife Silvia, and other successful entrepreneurs share their knowledge and paths to success.

When we talk about income, Albert Preciado also earns some money from the sales of his book, Driven, which tells his personal story of how a Mexican boy has realized his American dream.

His official website also has a merchandise store selling clothes, office supplies, and 1-on-1 coaching classes with him or his wife.

Albert Preciado is active on social media; namely, he has 147K followers on Instagram, where he shares entrepreneurial advice and other financial advice. He is a proponent of passive income and often tells his personal success story.

Albert has a YouTube channel named Driven CH with 19.7K subscribers. He shares vital advice from his work, advice on self-improvement, and money advice.

What Does Albert Preciado Call Himself?

Albert Preciado calls himself Albert and often calls himself the Mortgage Guy. He is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio host, and mentor

Albert enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, drives a Ferrari, and has owned several of them. He has recently bought a $20 million residence in Bel Air

Final Word: Is Albert Preciado A Millionaire?

Yes, Alber Preciado is a millionaire, and has accumulated an incredible net worth of $15 million. He and his wife Silvia have two daughters and reside in an incredible $20 million residence in Bel Air.

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