Chris Balmert Net Worth: How Rich Is The Fitness Coach

Chris Balmert is one of the world’s most famous Facebook stars, the co-owner of an online store for sales of his brand’s merch and a fitness coach. Chris and his wife, Lindsay Balmert, are the owners of the brand “Team Balmert,” which creates family-oriented viral videos on multiple social media platforms. Today, Chris Balmert’s net worth is estimated to be at least $5 million.

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Here’s a basic introduction to Chris Balmert before we divulge further details on his early life, personal life, career and net worth.

NameChris Balmert
NameChris Balmert
Birthday25th of August, 1985
PartnerLindsay Balmert
KidsRyann Marie Balmert and Gavin Balmert
Profession(s)Social Media Celebrity, Entrepreneur and Fitness Coach
Net Worth$5 million

What is Chris Balmert Net Worth?

As of recently, Chris Balmert’s net worth is estimated to be at least $5 million. Chris earns handsomely through social media releases with his wife and family, as well as sales of branded merch and his services as a fitness coach. 

Chris and Lindsay’s internet and social media movement, Team Balmert, has also revealed on their website’s bio that the brand’s net worth is an estimated $22 million.

Early Life

Chris Balmert was born on the 25th of August, 1985, in Avon, Ohio, in the United States of America. Details on the names of his parents and the background of his family are currently unknown.

It is public knowledge that Chris graduated from Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in sports management for his college education. 

Chris worked as a food and beverage marketing manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team before he embarked on his social media journey.

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Chris Balmert Personal Life

Chris Balmert is currently 37 years of age and will be 38 by August 2022. Concerning his body measurements, his height measures 5 feet and 7 inches tall (1.70m), and he has an average weight of 77kg (170lbs). 

He has black hair and black eye color, with an extended pattern of tattoos on his left arm. Chris has listed some of his hobbies as working out, hiking, traveling, listening to music and playing all forms of sports, in general.

Currently, Chris lives in Avon, Ohio, with his family. Lindsay Balmert, Chris Balmert’s wife who works as the co-founder of the successful internet video brand Team Balmert, and the couple releases a lot of videos together. Chris and Lindsay are blessed with two children, Ryann Marie and Gavin Balmert, who also occasionally feature on their family videos.


Chris Balmert started his social media journey with the creation of the family-oriented video channel Team Balmert on YouTube in 2017. Working in tandem with his wife, the couple began vlogging on their YouTube channel in the year 2018, after their daughter, Ryann, was born with a rare Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). 

The channel was used to advocate for the CHD community by spreading awareness and raising funds for diagnosis and treatments. The Team Balmert brand has since flourished beyond the borders of YouTube and has now also amassed scores of followers on Facebook  “Team Balmert”  with 2.4 million followers on Instagram @teambalmert  with 139,000 followers and even TikTok  @teambalmert with 663,000 followers. 

The channels are still active today, featuring videos with a lot of pranks, family vlogs and couple challenges. Chris Balmert has also worked as a fitness coach for the fitness program Top Team Beachbody for over ten years. He has won an award for a highly dedicated body fitness transformation and has also been featured several times in Top Team Beachbody’s fitness commercials. 

One of his most prominent fitness infomercials is Chris’s feature on Tony Horton’s 22 minutes Hard Corps Workout for Top Team Beachbody, which made millions of views worldwide. Today, Chris has his own online fitness coaching website (, where he offers programs, meal plans, supplements, advice and tips for weight loss and muscle building.

The internet video brand Team Balmert has also launched an online clothing store called “Stay Upbeat” on its website, where it features branded merchandise. The store has hoodies, T-shirts and accessories available for sale, and it is constantly being updated with new additions. 

Chris and his wife have also announced that they annually donate a portion of their sales for each year as funds towards the research and treatment of Congenital Heart Defect.

How much does Chris Balmert make?

Chris Balmert has been estimated to make a minimum of $200,000 in yearly income. Taking into account his earnings from social media platforms, particularly Facebook and YouTube, along with the sales of merch and Chris’s services as a fitness coach, his yearly income is expected to be even more than this. The internet brand Team Balmert is Chris’s major source of income.

Is Chris Balmert a millionaire?

Chris Balmert is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of no less than $5 million. Chris earns from multiple sources, many of which are not necessarily directly affiliated with his internet brand, such as his features in commercials for fitness programs. 

With the rate of his success, Chris’s net worth is expected to increase even more in the years to come.

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