Katy Hearn Net Worth: How Rich Is the Professional Fitness Trainer

Katy Hearn is an American social media personality and professional fitness trainer with a net worth of $10 million. Her life’s journey has been a challenging and inspirational one. However, along with her husband and two kids, she is breaking barriers.

Born on September 6, 1991, in Maryland, USA, Katy Hearn is well-known for her contributions to the women’s community and is considered a role model when it comes to fitness and training. There are a lot of interesting facts about Katy, and that is what we will discuss below.

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Katy Hearn Net Worth
NameKaty Hearn
Birthday September 6, 1991
Age30 years
PartnerHaydn Schneider (m.2016)
Kid(s)Axel (b. August 2018), Ozzy (b. July 2020)
ProfessionPersonal Trainer, Fitness Model
Net Worth$10 million

What is Katy Hearn’s Net worth?

Among her fitness training program, the gym she co-owns with her husband, her brand of drink, and her social media presence, Katy Hearn’s net worth is $10 million.

Early Life

She was never really a fitness enthusiast throughout her early life, given her media statement about her weight and physique during her teenage years.

Her journey to fitness training is that of self-reflection and self-actualization.

After graduating from high school, Katy enrolled in the community college near her hometown in Maryland.

After her 21st birthday, according to some of her reports, she became conscious of her appearance and decided to take the bold step and journey into fitness training alongside proper diet and healthy nutrition.

She delved into a training course and was brilliant at it.  Although it was not a trendy norm to have females lift weight and become trainers, she became a certified trainer in 2013.  This was the beginning of her journey to stardom moreover, although she faced other challenges such as combining her fitness training with her social media presence and the fact that she had to go solo on the training until she met Haydn, who will later become her husband.

Katy Hearn’s Personal Life

Hearn and her husband, Haydn Schneider, own and operate The Katy Hearn Gym.  Katy met Haydn in January 2013.  The couple started the gym in April of 2016.  Following that, they married before the end of 2016.  Axel, their first child, was born in August of 2018.  By July of 2020, they welcomed their second child, Ozzy.  They live together in Kentucky.

Schneider is also a well-known Instagram user with over 415k followers.  Haydn is also a personal trainer and fitness model.  He shares training routines, physique photographs, dog photos, and more on his Instagram account.

Career and Stardom

In 2013, Hearn started a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.  She aimed to use these media to broadcast her fitness journey and help people worldwide take that bold step into leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Currently, her Instagram account has a whopping 1.8 million followers, while her YouTube channel has more than 95 thousand subscribers with over 4 million views.  One can have a clear idea about her private and professional life between them. 

 Katy Hearn along with her husband launched a fitness challenge, a program where people can subscribe to a monthly plan and get access to a nutritional guide, and video guides to a workout routine. It was fantastic to have an organized, incentive-based system in place to keep our female clientele motivated.  Clients did so well that they updated their own social media profiles.  It was such a huge success that they now do the challenge every season ever since.

Stream of income: How much does Katy Hearn make?

Since its inception, Instagram has been one of the fastest (and most profitable) growing social media sites.  Hearn makes the most of her money by publishing paid Instagram posts.  With her huge following base of 1.8 million, she is able to rake in huge sums.

Katy also owns two fitness clubs, one in Crosby and the other in Wallasey.  These places are ideal for improving their fitness and losing weight.  According to her gym website, The Katy Hearn Gym, various membership cadre and subscription fees are available.

In 2021, Katy launched a new brand of hard seltzer called –” Alani Seltz.” According to their site, it is a natural blend of fruit, sweetener, and minimal sugar with different flavours.

Altogether, Hearn is estimated to be worth $10 million in 2022.

Final words

Katy Hearn has demonstrated discipline, commitment and is certain to be a shining example for those who wish to take the fitness journey. It is certainly attractive to have a worth of $10 million, but what is also interesting about her is her family stories, her sense of adventure, and her willingness to give back to the community.

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