Rolonda Rochelle Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actress

Rolonda Rochelle is an actress, and she is well-known for her cooperation with comedian Kountry Wayne. However, there is a lot more Rolonda Rochelle is famous for, and here we’ll discuss her life, work, and net worth of about $1 million.

Rolonda Rochelle net worth illustration
NameRolonda Rochelle
NameRolonda Rochelle
Birthday5 September 1967
ProfessionActress, Businesswoman, Real Estate Agent
Net Worth $1 million

So, How Much Is Rolonda Rochelle’s Net Worth?

Rolonda Rochelle’s net worth is about $1 million as of February 2022. She is a well-known actress who got her acting career later in life.

Rolonda Rochelle works with comedian Kountry Wayne, but one of her most notable roles is Grandma Tilda in the movie Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story.

Rolonda Rochelle strongly advocates aging naturally; she is against cosmetic surgeries and covering up your actual age. She has also done modeling work, as she’s aged very gracefully. Rolonda, now in her fifties, still has a trim physique, wide smile, and notable gray hair.

Rolonda Rochelle’s Early Life

Very little is disclosed about Rolonda Rochelle’s early life. We know that she was born in Texas on 5 September 1967, and she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993 and still resides there.

She’s kept most of her personal life private but has shared her love of movies and TV, which is why she loves Atlanta so much. She worked as a real estate agent in Atlanta before changing careers.

When Rolonda was 40, she decided to try her luck in becoming an actor and studied the techniques of Stanislavsky and Meisner, working with Nevaina Rhodes, Kristen Shaw, and Bill Duke.

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Rolonda Rochelle’s Private Life

Keeping her private life under wraps is one of Rolonda Rochelle’s strong sides, and she has not revealed ever being married or having a partner

She has, however, disclosed that she has a daughter who is grown up. Rolonda posts images with her daughter on her Instagram account where they do stuff together, like advocating black women’s rights.

Career: How Much Does Rolonda Rochelle Earn?

Rolonda Rochelle has had a steady income over the years, as she’s worked as a high-end real estate agent in Atlanta before branching out and becoming an actress. 

Most of her income is from her acting career, which she began with a recurring role on the series Bottom. She’s also appeared in movies like Big 50 and the upcoming Why Women Trip. She plays the cougar girlfriend of Kountry Wayne on his comedy skit show.

Apart from her career in real estate and acting, Rolonda is also a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She’s created her sunglasses brand named SpecsByRo, as Ro is her nickname. The sales of the glasses bring a portion of her income.

Rolonda Rochelle is also a pro-aging advocate and considers herself a social media influencer. She is active on YouTube with 88.5K subscribers, where she shares her work and random thought-provoking and inspiring videos.

Her Facebook page has 305K followers, and her TikTok has 160 K followers and over 800 K likes. Rolonda Rochelle cooperates with Soul World and other brands.

Final Words: Is Rolonda Rochelle a Millionaire?

To wrap things up, yes, Rolonda Rochelle is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of over $1 million. She’s made a lot of her money through her work as a real estate agent and then as an actress working in movies and the Kountry Wayne comedy skit show. 

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