A For Adley Net Worth: How Rich Is Adley Mcbride Family

Adley May McBride is a popular YouTube personality thanks to her channel, A For Adley. The channel is run by her parents, Shaun McBride and Jenny McBride. Thanks to their fun show, the Adley family net worth is $35 million as of 2022.

Maybe you have questions like who are A for Adley’s parents, who is A for Adley mom, and how did A for Adley start. Or maybe you want to know Adley’s name, birthday, age, height, weight, parents, siblings, nationality, net worth, and more.

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NameAdley McBride
Real Name: Adley May McBride
Birthday:August 6, 2015
Birth Sign:Leo
Gender: Female
Height:4 feet 1 inch or 125.5 cm
Weight:38 kgs or 84 bs
ParentsShaun Todd McBride and Jennifer McBride
Siblings:Niko Bear McBride and Navey May McBride
Professions:Youtuber, Vlogger, Content Creator, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Religion: Christian
Net Worth$35 Million

What Is A for Adley’s Net Worth?

Adley May McBride is a young American social media personality, popularly known for her Youtube Channel A for Adley-Learning & Fun.

She is currently 6 years old, and her life is as busy as her parents, Shaun and Jenny, who run the channel. Jenny and Shaun McBride net worth is $35 million.

They make most of their money from YouTube. Adley dad worth himself is in the millions thanks to his online videos and posts.

The Adley family is very active on social media. The parents manage their online accounts, as well, where they have millions of followers.

Among their sources of income include their official merchandise, which can be found in US online stores like Amazon and Shopadley.

Early Life

Even before she was born, Adley May McBride was already set to be famous. Coincidentally, she has the same name as Adley Stump, a country singer who’s known for her funny videos during the pandemic.

She was born on August 6, 2015, to her internet-popular parents. Her father is 35-year-old Snapchat superstar Shonduras, whose real name is Shaun Todd McBride. Meanwhile, her mother is a 32-year-old social media personality Jennifer Mcbride, who goes by Jenny.

Adley is the eldest among three kids. She has two younger siblings, 3-year-old Niko Bear, who was born on June 7, 2018, and 1-year-old Navey May, who was born on August 31, 2020.

According to Jenny and Shaun, Adley was 8 months old when she started crawling. Sadly, that same month, she had a seizure due to a very high fever and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

As a kid, she thinks maturely, having a high emotional quotient (EQ). She knows what she wants and expresses interest in exploring her surroundings. Her daily routine is documented in her vlog wherein she makes sure that it will be her best day ever.

She graduated pre-school in mid-2020 and started first grade on August 23, 2021.

A for Adley Personal Life

Adley’s parents, Shaun and Jenny McBride, met in October 2006. They went to the same school, Weber State University, a public university in Ogden, Utah.

After Shaun saw Jenny through her Facebook account, he won her heart. The two tied the knot on June 12, 2010. And after 5 years, the couple was blessed with the adorable Adley.

Jenny is very hands-on in rearing Adley. Although she works part-time in a hospital as an Ultrasound Technician, this Radiology graduate mother makes sure that Adley gets the best of everything.

As such, Adley is a well-balanced child who’s both adventurous and creative. She does not hesitate to try and discover new things around her. Adley loves swimming, coloring, pretending, and playing with toys. Adley is fond of anything about mermaids and unicorns.

Part of Adley’s morning routine is waking up her Dad and eating cereal together. She loves to eat this for breakfast as influenced by Adley dad. Her vlogs also show Adley learning about different fun things.

She enjoys eating pizza, going to the park, dressing up, shopping with the family, going to the salon for manicure/pedicure, and even going to the Harry Potter Museum. That’s because Jenny is a fan of Harry Potter. 

At present, her family is residing at Syracuse, Utah, USA- a city in Davis County Utah, between Great Salt Lake and Interstate 15 and a part of the Ogden-Clearfield Utah, Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Career: How Much Does A for Adley Make? 

Adley May McBride makes money from the A for Adley – Learning & Fun YouTube channel. This channel was created by her parents on October 5, 2017, when Adley was only 2 years old. 

Adley’s YouTube channel has an estimated yearly income of $5 Million.  In addition, her Instagram account @adleymcbride the family posts her pictures and videos has 75.3K followers.

However, even before, her father was already documenting their family life in the “best day ever series” on his own YouTube channel that he started in 2008 called Shonduras. That’s because this is what Adley dad do for a living – he’s also an online personality.

A digital artist by profession, Shaun McBride owns Shonduras Inc, founded in 2013. It’s a marketing and advertising company named after his online name: Shonduras, which is a combination of Shaun and Honduras, where he previously lived.

Shaun also owns 10 companies within the group of companies, Spacestation. These are Shonduras, A for Adley, Spacestation Animation, Quarter Machine, Moonwalk Media, Remarketing Space, Spacestation Investments, Spacestation Integrations, Spacestations CPG, and Spacestation Gaming.

Spacestation Gaming (SSG) is an e-sports organization with an estimated net worth of an e-sport team wherein her father is managing it. Spacestation Gaming’s net worth is in the millions. In 2020 alone, their teams took home a total amount of $1.36M in prize money.

Final Words: Is A for Adley A Millionaire?

Adley McBride, along with her family, is a millionaire. The family has a combined net worth of $35 million.

At a very young age, Adley has proven her ability as a mini vlogger, content creator, successful YouTube personality, and even entrepreneur.

Her channel alone has amassed 3.92 Million fans and more than 5 Billion accumulated views. This makes her one of the youngest millionaires on YouTube.

Also, her A for Adley  merchandise like t-shirts, dresses, and souvenir items, among others, also added to the family’s net worth.

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