Artofkickz Net Worth: How Much Does Artofkickz Make On Youtube

Artofkickz is a YouTuber, content creator, editor, entrepreneur, and vlogger who’s best-known for his YouTube channel, artofkickz. Artofkickz net worth is $1 million.

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Real Name: Artofkickz (Real name undisclosed)
Birthday:October 30, 1987
Birth Sign:Scorpio
Age:34 years old
Gender: Male
Weight:270.4 lbs
Kids: None
Professions:YouTuber, Content Creator, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Black
Net Worth: $1 million (USD)

What Is Artofkickz Net Worth?

YouTube content creator, editor, entrepreneur, and vlogger Artofkickz has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

A vast amount of his revenue comes from his main YouTube channel artofkickz where he has 1.05 million subscribers and combined views, amounting to 184,745,527.

In addition, his e-commerce business, Art of Kickz, sells merchandise like caps, shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and even masks. He’s also very active in various social media platforms and receives sponsorships and engagements.

Early Life

Artofkickz was born and raised in Georgia, USA on October 30, 1987, by a single mom whose name isn’t disclosed. In fact, even his real name is unknown to most people online.

Growing up, Artofkickz was apparently shy and had no self-confidence at all, to the point of stammering every time he spoke in front of unfamiliar people.

During his high school days, he started losing his hair, which added to his low self-esteem. He eventually finished high school and studied Media Production, although it’s unknown whether he finished his undergraduate degree.

He says he also didn’t experience emotional support from his family – every time he asked for a favor, they would automatically shut him off before he could finish what he was about to say.

That said, he was close to his mom and recognized her hardships just to make the ends meet for them. 

When he was in his mid-20s, his mother suffered from a stroke and died. Artofkickz fell into a deep depression before he started turning his life around.

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Artofkickz Personal Life

Artofkickz, despite being a public figure, keeps his personal affairs private. 

There are no names of women associated with him as of the moment, but he was vocal about his first and last sexual experienced. He says he’s a straight guy, but he’s just too busy with other work responsibilities and commitments to have a relationship.

He loves pizza, wearing caps, reading books, skateboarding and painting. Another milestone in his life was when he got himself a scalp micropigmentation treatment in New York to deal with his hair loss.

At present, he lives in Lilburn, Georgia, USA, a small town with outstanding recreational facilities.

Career: How Much Does Artofkickz Make?

This YouTube star makes thousands of dollars per month.

He’s known for his reaction videos to cultural events like scary ghost hunting stories, funny memes, try not to laugh challenges, and car crashes, among others.

He joined Youtube on July 13, 2016 with his first video about sneakers restoration. That earned a lot of views for him at the time, which got him interested in making videos.

Later on, he shifted his content to reaction videos, which really took off. His most popular reaction video gained 400K views in just a month. This was when he reacted to a music video of an 18-year-old promising rapper Quadeca, entitled “insecure” because of its lyrics. 

Before making YouTube his full-time job, he was a Service Advisor of a car company.

He was also a professional photographer, a professional painter and has an e-commerce business at where he personally packs his signed merchandise and shipps it out to his fans.

He’s a very busy man, primarily because of his active presence in various social media platforms.

His second channel on YouTube is called AOK Games, where he specializes in 3D modeling, rigging, and unreal engine programming. He has 34.7K subscribers on this channel.

He also has A Different Perspective, where he discusses relevant issues like mental health and fitness. This channel has 162K subscribers.

The rest of his social media accounts have strong followings, as well. He has 53.3k followers on Instagram, 188.7k followers on Tiktok, 5.2k followers on Twitch, and 8.5k followers on Facebook.                                     

Final Word: Is Artofkickz A Millionaire?

Artofkickz is a YouTube star, vlogger, editor, photographer, content creator, artist, entrepreneur, and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $1 million.

In just a short period of time, he has already garnered 1.05 million subscribers for his main channel alone, not to mention his two other channels. With his combined views of almost 185 million monthly, he’s certainly earning 5 digits monthly.

But despite being a millionaire, Artofkickz says he knows how to value his money. That’s why he prefers investing, especially in stocks, rather than splurging into something. He lives a modest lifestyle, apparently only owning 3 pairs of rubber shoes and a simple car. 

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